Monday, August 4, 2014

Texas Fried Chicken Jalapeno TXtreme Chicken

I don't normally blog about fast food...this might actually be the first...but I am impressed with this fried chicken.

Newly launched the Jalapeno TXtreme Chicken is an interesting one. With a rather thick crust which is very crispy and crunchy, the thin batter is also very spicy. And unlike many fried chicken from fast food outlets, the chicken is really moist, tender and juicy within. 

The chicken is unique...perhaps...they claim to use fresh chicken, and the cooking and preparation is three step. Step 1 is a mix of jalapeno peppers, habanero peppers, garlic, chilli, onion, fennel and seasonings for 12 hours. Next the chicken is hand battered, so that there is no exessive batter and ensure an even coating. And finally a salsa seasoning is sprinlked before the chicken is served...fresh from the fryer...well that is from the publicity blurb.

And on is exactly that. The batter is rather hard, crunchy crispy, with powerful hot pepper notes. As one bites into the chicken, the hot juices spill out, threatening to scald...the chicken is indeed prepared almost a la minute and served while piping hot...unlike some fast food chicken, which in the name of being served fast has been precooked and sitting on the warming tray for a while.

And finally, the chicken is indeed very tender and as mentioned juicy. Thumbs up. 

The biscuit accompanying is nice and fluffy, with a touch of honey on the top and a beautiful fragrance of butter. Accompanied with either french fries, mashed potatoes, coleslaw and a drink, the combination is available for S$8.20 at all Texas Fried Chicken outlets islandwide.

Texas Fried Chicken
Jalapeno TXtreme Chicken 
tasted at Expo outlet
Numberous outlets islandwide

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