Thursday, August 7, 2014

Jia Wei White Beehoon near ABC Brickworks

White beehoon is quite an interesting dish. I wrote about the famous You Huak in Sembawang earlier, and found another, much nearer to my home at Blk 2 next to ABC Brickworks.

Called Jia Wei, it is run by an unassuming gentleman, and we have grown to like the home style cooking there...home style but prepared in a manner that is possible in a regular the har cheong kai...needs a literal bucket of hot boiling oil to make these:

Crisply fried in really hot boiling oil...I was told vegetable oil, so, um...a bit less unhealthy. The insides are still very juicy and really tender. The marinade is not as salty as many other HCK, so in that sense kind of home made. We love it. Only the mid-wing is used.

But the namesake of the cze char stall is the white beehoon. 

A really superb dish. The broth is very savoury, almost thick, but not quite...a wonderful umami mouthfeel and very satisfying. The beehoon is kind of springy, and the kind which remain so, not fully absorbing the broth and becoming bloated. The prawns are fresh, crunchy, with a nice breath of the sea. Very nice dish. Almost as good as the famous You Huak in Sembawang. 

Highly recommended for these two dishes. Their other cze char dishes are less spectacular, but still very nice to eat. 

Jia Wei White Beehoon (家味白米粉)
Block 2 Jalan Bukit Merah (Beside ABC Brickworks Market), Singapore

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