Thursday, May 8, 2014

Sin Hoe Hin: an old hero returns

I used to love the wanton mee at coffee shop in Rowell Road, called Sin Hoe Hin. When the coffee shop closed some years ago, the WTM also disappeared.

Some bloggers reported that they re-appeared in Hougang some time ago, but every visit I made to the coffee shop in question, it was either closed, or the WTM stall was closed. I finally managed to find it open one day, and immediately tried a plate.

The original one as I remembered it was rather close to the WTM served by hawkers in KL. Thick, springy noodles. Thick black sauce, very fragrant with pork lard. And beautiful char siew with very good wantons.

The new one, reportly still being made by the same lady and her son, is slightly different. The noodles are still very springy and qq, but perhaps less than I remembered. The black sauce, still present, but a bit more salty than formerly. The char siew was still quite reasonably good, and the wantons were quite good...the boiled ones, light with an elegant skin, and the deep fried ones crispy and fresh tasting.

Overall, I feel it is a bit of a pale comparison to the former self, but still quite good, and still deserves a recommendation.

Jin Hock Food Place
941 Upper Serangoon Road (junction of Simon Road)
Open 8am to 10pm daily except Mondays

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