Saturday, May 17, 2014

Revolution Coffee

Espresso joints and hip eateries are sprouting out everywhere these days, where there was a dearth of them some years ago. Here is another hip one, in a somewhat not accessible location in Portsdown.

Revolution Coffee has been around for a year now, but tucked in a building called Infinite Studios, in Portsdown Road, means it ain't gonna get a lot of foot traffic. But for those who work or live nearby, or can drive or better cycle (yes there is space outside for parking bikes) there.

The cafe is quite cozy, and very child friendly...many little chairs everywhere for the little one. And the tables are actually beer crates topped with a timber top. A bit shakey at times...

The main event, of course is the coffee...they feature coffee roasted in Australia by Single Origin Coffee...oh no, not only single origins, but blends, but that's the name of the roaster. And sometimes, as when I visited, feature a local guest roaster. In this case, from Smitten.

Pride of place, a nice Synesso machine. Just love the huge group heads. I tried the house espresso, using Single Origin blend for espresso.

The double shot was nice in volume, with a thick, and beautifully molted crema. On the nose, it was quite fragrant, with whiffs of berries, and a very light sour note. On the palate, it was quite powerful, quite acidic, but somewhat balanced by the viscous thick body. Not too bad, but I would have preferred less acidity...though I have been warned by the owner/barista that the blend was a bit on the bright side.

The food there is quite interesting too...the satay chicken salad

Beautifully grilled chicken, perfectly seasoned. The satay sauce is quite fantastic! But too little! And a bit too much salad...not that I am complaining for getting the greens, but too much for the satay sauce. Also found within the salad are traditional satay accompaniments like the ketupat and cucumbers.

The grilled cheese sandwich was also very good.

The ciabatta was fresh, and nicely toasted, nice and crisp on the outside, while still retaining moisture and very soft within. The cheese was grilled perfectly, and goes well with the ham, well everything goes well with good han...and rockets and caramalised onions. Very nice.

Highly recommended, if you can seek the place is a bit off the beaten path, but then if you do, you will be rewarded with good food, nice coffee and a comfortable ambience to hang out.

Mon - Fri: 08:00 - 17:00
Sat - Sun: 09:00 - 16:00

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