Thursday, January 9, 2014

Ramen Play

Ramen Play is a chain store purveying Japanese cuisine in Singapore. Typically chain stores reak of chain store quality...which most of the time means yucks. But I have sampled the food at several Ramen Play outlets, and they have held up to the standards pretty well.

This dinner, I sampled the Butariki Ishinabe.

The serving is rather small, but delivered to the table, on a sizzling hot stone pot. Very aromatic. Premium Japanese Niigata rice is used, and in the pot, the pan fried and barbecued pork, spring onion, seaweed is laced on top of a raw egg. A sauce is drizzled onto the pot when the dish is served, and the entire ensemble mixed up. The flavours are very good. The pork retained a very nice smokey, slightly charred aroma, and crisp texture. The rice, also charred after a while has the wonderful burnt rice flavour. Very nice.

The ramen is also quite good. Yakiniku beef on a hot bowl of ramen

The broth was thick, flavourful, and very nice. Not too salty, as Japanese ramen tend to be sometimes, but magnificent umami. The ramen was slightly over cooked, but still rather springy, and tasty. The beef was quite gorgeous. Nice beefy flavours, good marinade.

We also tried the garlic chicken

Quite good too. The chicken is crispy, but still juicy. Judicious use of fried garlic flavoured the meat very well....not for those who do not like garlic, but I am a certified garlic lover, so it went very well for me.

Overall, a very nice chain store, reasonable quality of food.

Ramen Play Chinatown Point
133 New Bridge Road
6543 6686
(11am - 10pm) Sun to Thu
(11am - 10.30pm) Fri, Sat and eve of P.H.
*Last order: 30 mins before closing

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