Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Pontian Wanton Mee: a successful franchaise?

Wanton mee is a staple...for breakfast, lunch, snacks, though less so for dinner. Good ones are hard to find. And many versions exist.

I have written about the great ones at Eng's in Tj Katong and Fei Fei in Joo Chiat. But a version known as Pontian Wanton mee is also been popular, and now being franchised around food courts and hawker centres around the city. Today's review is on one of these franchisees, this one in Holland Village.

They offer several options. And ordering is simple by just calling out the numbers listed in the menu to the hawker. This is no 2, no chilli, no tomato, with a bit of black sauce, as this style is common in Malaysia.

The noodles are quite regular, a bit starchy, a slight kee taste. Not very springy.

I do prefer the very springy, slightly thicker noodles used in the KL style WTM. And the wonderful fragrance of the pork lard used to lace the noodles. Pontian, apparently does not use pork lard.

The dish comes with two boiled wantons, and two deep fried wantons. The boiled wantons are in the soup. I found it to be quite nice, with a hint of dried flounder. The deep fried ones seem to be made differently, more meaty, and the fabulous light, very crispy skin.

As I mentioned, the deep fried wantons are very good. Light, very crispy. Flavourful - both the stuffing which is pork based, and the crisp skin. Well done!

Enjoyable wanton mee, though not nearly the grail WTM I have been looking for, and still looking. Recommended if you are nearby, and want a WTM.

Pontian Wanton Mee
All around the island

This meal was sampled at Holland Village Food Centre.

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