Monday, September 9, 2013

Resorts World Sentosa Food Affair Safari

The Food Affair by RWS is an interesting concept where the Resorts World Sentosa's existing collaboration with celebrity chefs is leveraged to bring gourmands a new and interesting treat. On-going from September 14-22, this amazing food fair covers six offerings from the chefs.

I went for a food safari, where we tasted a 5 course set dinner wich is tasted in 4 different participating restaurants, bringing us a very interesting and unique experience.

We started the tasting at the famous L'Atelier by Joel Robuchon...the chef who, collectively through his restaurants around the world has amassed the largest number of Michelin stars.

Set in the beautiful restaurant, we were entertained to a coupe of Champagne, and starters. But first a picture of the beautiful house bread...some of the nicer breads I have eaten for a long while...

The starter was a cold appetizer Robuchon calls Le Crabe

seasonal alaskan king crabs, beautifully cooked and served in on thin layers of turnip (daikon) with a sweet and sour vinaigrette, created by Chef Lorenz Hoja. Very sweet crab meat, and a real treat to the palate, and was marvellous with the tingling of the champagne.

We made our way just across to Osia

Another beautiful we sampled the foie gras

Quite beautifully presented. Encrusted in cornmeal to provide a nice crunch, the foie gras was wonderfully rich, with a light slightly nutty aroma, very smooth on the palate. Magnificent.

We then were ferried by buggy across the RWS to Forest

Not to be out done, the interior was beautiful, and immaculate.

And we tasted the steamed New Zealand cod, with yuzu mushroom sauce

The cod was steamed to perfection, done just right, so the oily fish did not taste oily at all, but smooth, creamy, and very nice...faultless. I found the yuzu had lifted the taste quite nicely, but the soy sauce as a base was a tad saltish for my taste.

We then walked across the car park over to Cat Cora's Ocean restaurant...right inside the Sentosa wall of the restaurant is the glass of the aquarium, and as one dined, one can view the fishes swim by. Magnificent, and a great treat.

We had the mains of a kurobuta pork belly, braised and seared, with fried octopus, sauerkraut puree, cabbage roll and green mustard.

I found the pork to be very tender, but a bit too heavy in fat. The green mustard helped somewhat, but in my final analysis, the cut of pork I was served was a bit too rich. Otherwise, the light crispiness was quite beautiful on the eyes and palate giving way to the very tender pork as one bites into the pork. The octopus provided a contrast to the tender pork...providing some crunch and resillience to the palate.

We also had dessert there.

The yuzu mango cremeux, gula melaka streusel, and milky lemongrass sorbet was quite a delight. Flavours were contrasty, but managed to be deliciously support each other. The ingredients all were distinct, and yet went well together.

We also had a chocholate to end the magnificent meal...

Hot chocholate and a lolipop of chocholate. Very nice.

A wonderful tasting. Many thanks to RWS's Zhi Juan and Weber Shandwick's Matt for the invitation and wonderful hospitality. I would highly recommend readers to try the Food Affair, running in RWS from 14-22 September.

Resorts World Sentosa Celebrity Restaurants
L'Altelier de Joel Robuchon
Ocean Restaurant by Cat Cora

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