Thursday, September 19, 2013

Itacho Sushi's Blue Fin Tuna Promotion, now on till Sept 30, 2013

I have written about value for money sushi and sashimi at Itacho before. It is still one of our favourite places to imbibe some raw fish, and recently, they came up with an interesting promotion...they performed the cutting of a blue fin tuna.

The ceremony was performed in Ion Orchard...and as outlined in my Tsukiji article, the entire process is quite spiritual for the tuna master.

As part of the “Bluefin Tuna Festival”, ITACHO will launch a Bluefin tuna promotion at all ITACHO outlets (from 13 – 30 September).

For this occasion, Itacho demonstrated the tuna cutting ceremony in which the master chef filleted portions of the huge fish into tuna blocks, and then into prized cuts of the fish.

These are then used for selection of premium slices for turning them into ruby red sashimi. Tuna cutting is no mean feat and calls for one ranked in the superior skill of Japanese food culinary which requires years of skilled training, precision technique and calculated speed.

ITACHO outlets in Singapore are at ION Orchard, Plaza Singapura, Bugis Junction, Changi Airport Terminal 3, JCube and Star Vista.

Itacho Sushi

Various outlets around the city

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