Thursday, February 21, 2013

Gastronomy in Paris: Revisiting La Bourse ou la Vie

Another revisit post...La Bourse ou la Vie...your money or your life.

I had a great experience last time I visited...the steaks were good, and the fries here for earlier review.

We visited on a quiet Friday other table was occupied when we arrived, so the place was very quiet.

Edward was adventurous and decided to try the steak tatare...

I took a taste, certain not the best steak tatare I have eaten. The meat was nicely minced...light tasting, but the spices were a bit lacking, in my view. Having said this, steak tatare is not my favourite dish, and I am certainly no expert in judging. Edward didn't quite like it as well, but Kin was ok with the dish.

I oredered a glass of red wine, and the waiter opened a whole bottle and left it on the table...later when I checked the bill, he did charge me for one glass. Nice of him to trust me to just pour a glass. The wine was good, but not exceptional. Went very well with the steaks.

We ordered the steaks "a point", which is French...

As I remarked the last review, the beef in France is a bit leaner than those offered by American or Japanese steakhouses. A bit more chewy. But tasty, and with very intense flavour.

I glowed about the fries the last visit. This time round, perhaps it was a quiet evening, but certainly no excuse...the fries were not as wonderful as the last time. I think they are still fried in tallow (beef fat), and have some of the robust, wonderful flavour, but somehow they were not crisp. Nevertheless, they were still good fries, just not as fantastic as in my last experience.

A bit duller than the last visit, where the steak was very good, and the fries spectacular. This time round, still deserves a recommendation, but not as glowing.

La Bourse ou la Vie
12 rue Viviene
Paris 75002
Open noon-10pm Mon-Fri.
Closed 1wk Aug & 1wk Dec

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