Monday, February 18, 2013

Gastronomy in Paris: Revisit Le Roy du Pot au Feu

Another revisit is the Le Roy du Pot au Feu. Literally translated the Royal pot of fire, this is a typical French stew or pot of beef.

I wrote a review the last time I here for earlier review.

As I told in the earlier review, I stumbled on this place some 10 years ago with Kin and evening, after shopping at the Grand Magazins (Big Dept Stores) this was in a small street just a stone's throw away from Galayeries Lafayete. Comfort food, if such may exist. So we went again to seek this out. My subsequent experiences were pleasant, and discovered the awesome pear sorbet.

The restaurant looked unchanged. Small, cramped. More like a village bistro than a restaurant. The boiled beef is still the same.

The beef tender, the vegetables tasty...having soaked up the goodness from the beef and bones. The bone marrow...quite delicious...hearty, robust food. Wonderful with a carafe of gamay.

Edward decided to try a steak

Quite good...the beef cut was rather lean, but nicely cooked. The taste was very good, no complaints.

For us, this is a place to return to again and again...but I say this that as a family, we think of this as comfort food.

Le Roi du Pot au Feu
34, rue Vignon, Havre Caumartin,
Paris, France
01 47 42 37 10‎

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