Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Simple meals: unagi in Nikko

Sometimes, the simplest foods are the best...after a morning of hiking to photograph the sights in Nikko, I was rather tired...so just dropped into the nearest restaurant.

And the unagi caught my eye...normally I wouldn't have ordered unagi in a non-specialist restaurant in Japan...but I was tired, and the picture looked good...There is actually a famous unagi restaurant on the same road (Route 190), but I couldn't find it, and with my 12kg camera back begining to take its toll...I decided to eat at this restaurant.

But first, a refreshing beer...Kirin is superb.


And the unagi?

Superb. The meat was light, ultra tender...and beautiful...rich creamy on the palate. The skin was almost crisp, but just shy...beautiful.

Somewhere in Nikko..just opposite Shinkyo. The restaurant is on the second floor.

p.s. Some readers will know that as this post goes on line, I am in Beijing...I am not sure, but many people tell me that I will not be able to access blogspot and facebook while there...but anyway, I am putting this post online on Friday evening before I leave to be published on Tue.

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