Thursday, October 20, 2011

Outstanding Cze Chars: Hui Wei

Discovering new Cze Char places is an interesting pasttime...not only often the food is superb and satisfying, but also the cost is managable and often inexpensive.

Hui Wei was one such discovery. I first came across it while googling cze chars...and I came across the SG on Foot site. So off with my former IATA colleagues we went...

Indescript, and I was told, just opened...they have a full English and Chinese no less...and the chap who came to take our order spoke English. Impressive.

We ordered away, as is typical of this group...

First, the amazingly good steamed Signature fish head:

Superb! Truly magnificent. The fish head was truly fresh, so no fishy odours...was cooked I like it. Just shy of fully cooked through...if we adapt the terminology used for steaks, I would call it medium rare...just a tinge of pink at the core, by the bone. And the green Thai sauce...superb. Truly superb. Did I say magnificent? Brings back memories of many of the meals I had with Acharn Thanet in Bangkok where the steamed fish is served with a green spicy, piquant, sour, sweet, salty sauce. Marvellous. This dish is enough to bring me back many times.

But there is more! The Thai Style Chicken is also very, very good...

Looks are certainly deceiving. The dish looked pedestrian. But taste wise, it was outstanding. Tender chunks of chicken, each coated with a beautiful sweet, sour and spicy sauce. Lovely.

Another outstanding dish is their mixed vegetables with lotus roots

The lotus roots are deep fried till it is like a cracker, then stir fried with the vegetables in a gravy like sauce. Excellent.

And the Thai Chilli Prawns

Another winner. The sauce was a bit like the one we typically eat with our chilli crab. With an egg stirred in during the last moments of preparation to make what the Cantonese call "wat tan". The fragrance is beautiful...the prawns, fresh, succulent and tasty.

Best of all, none of us suffered from MSG-ism after the lunch...since we were in the area, we headed for some coffee at Loysel's Toy.

I spied on their menu that they have KL Yuang Yang and KL Hor Fun...will definitely want to try that next time...Will be back soon...

Hui Wei Chinese-Thai Cuisine
Blk 802 French Road #01-69

Daily: 1045am - 215pm (Lunch)
430pm - 1030pm (Dinner)


FoodieFC said...

hmmm, the appearance of the dishes are so so. will certainty give it a try when i pass by the area.

P. Chong said...

True, FoodieFC...the dishes are not good lookers...but power taste.

sgfoodonfoot said...

Thanks for your reference to my blog on your website. Great you like the food at Hui Wei too.