Monday, June 13, 2011

La Petite Cuisine: A contender to best Confit du canard?

Confit du canard is one of my all time favourite French dishes. I have tasted my fair share of ducks done this special way. And my reference standard is Chez Dumonet in Paris.

And this little shop in Serene House, right by the French Embassy has a good reputation of serving one of the better ones in Singapore.

The shop is run like a cafeteria rather than a restaurant. One goes up to the counter to place the order and pay. And wait for the food to be served. Prices are eminently agreeable.

Edward had the cream and ham spagetti...

Spagetti Carbonara...the spagetti is nicely done, just a touch over al dente. The cream sauce is delicious, thick, rich, creamy. The slices of smoked ham providing a nice and able complement. Good pasta.

But I came to try the the confit du canard

Served with a beautiful, tart, sourish sauce which perfectly complements the rich, luxurious taste of the duck. The skin was crisp, as is evident in the photograph below:

But it lacked the crunch that I would excect from a totally crisp skin. The meat was well preserved, and at some places a bit hard...just a tad, mind you...but mostly nice and tender. The gratin potatoes could have been better lacked the nice, crisp crust over. But the potatoes were flavourful, and creamy.

Not the best confit du canard I have eaten. But given its only S$16.50, very reasonable. And I would venture a recommendation with the caution of the budget nature of the dish.

La Petite Cuisine
Serene Centre 10 Jalan Serene, 258748 - 6314 3173
Open Weekdays 9am-10pm
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