Thursday, June 23, 2011

AJInoMORI: little Izakaya in Holland Village

My friend Larry has a nose for good food and good deals. Last week, he sniffed out a 30% discount off this little Japanese izakaya in Holland he gathered the tribe, and we went for lunch.

As we entered the restaurant...nice decor...

As is usual with this tribe...the food came and went like a whizz...and nobody quite knows how much we have ordered, except its a lot. And the various varieties we sampled. Here are some notes...a bit of a blur, but I swear we did not have any alcohol...:

Pork Belly yakitori:

Not bad. Meat a bit firm. Some parts fat. Tasty.

Pork belly rice:

A bit like the Korean style bilimbab...we mixed everything up. Quite good. The flavours meld nicely.

Keeping with the Korean theme, the kimchi noodles with bonito flakes:

I couldn't really taste the kimchi...but kimchi loving Larry loved it. The noodles were like udon. I didn't find it especially nice, but it was reasonably tasty.

Small fry fried rice:

We ordered it because we thought it was fitting for small fries like us, but it turned out they were talking about the little, crispy fish.

Pork belly in citrus

I found this quite nice. Very flavourful. The pork was a bit tough and chewy at parts, but fat in others. For me, it was a nice blend.

Omelette fried rice:

This was also unceremonously mixed up, and each of us got a tasting portion. Quite good. The rice and the gravy were made for each other. And flavoured with the fried eggs...good.

Some tempura:

Prawns were nice, sweet, with a nice almost crunchy bite. The tempura was very crispy and not oily.

Squid tentacles:

Chewy, tough, but wonderful flavour. If you like the flavour of the squid, this is one for you, especially if you don't mind the tough consistency.

And two reverse rolls...Reverse avocado prawn roll:

California Roll:

Di regeur for a reverse roll. Tasted good, but not exceptional.

We had liters of Coke Light and Calpiss (yes, that's how they spell it...look it up in Wiki), and final tally, after the 30% off was $180 for 8 of us. Quite good value. We had tons of food, and quite enjoyable dishes. Recommended.

Aji no Mori
17D Lorong Liput
Lunch from 12:00am to 2:30pm
Dinner from 6:00pm to 11:00pm
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