Monday, May 30, 2011

TCC: cafe or foodie hangout?

TCC Coffee...many think its just for coffee...and for me, actually, I don't really drink coffee at TCC. Being a coffee purist...regular readers would me a coffee snob, but I need coffee done right. Espresso must be made from freshly ground beans, freshly roasted. Singapore used to be a desert for such places, but recently, I found Papa Palheta, Soho 7, Oriole, Loysel's Toys, Fourty Hands serve reasonably good espresso. I also like Nanyang style coffee...mainly robusta, mixed with arabica and typically roasted with corn or sugar. Kopi kao is a typical order for me.

But this article is about the food...because I don't really order the coffee in, as I said, I am a coffee snob.

But the food is another story. The pastas, especially is quite nice.

I am partial to aglio olio...the version served here is very good. Pasta is nicely done, al dente. The olive oil is liberally used. And the fried garlic lifts the dish. They also add small bits of chopped chilli. The prawns are rather large, and fresh. You can see the near transparent flesh of the prawns in the photograph, indicating the freshness. On the palate, it is crunchy, and sweet tasting. Very good.

This visit, we tried the mushroom pastry:

The puff pastry is light as it should be. The creamed mushrooms which are used as filling is cooked well. Fragrant, adn creamy. Very good, and recommended.

Kin had the fish pasta...

I tried a couple of mouthfuls. I cannot determine if the herring is fresh or from a salted pickle, as is common in Scandinavia. The pasta is reasonably good. rather al dente. The sauce is light but creamed. But I felt the fish to be too salty.

Overall, very good experience this time, as with other visits.

Many outlets all over the island
This one sampled at the Circular Road outlet.
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