Monday, May 23, 2011

In flight food: on board SQ25 Frankfurt-Singapore

I have written about the special Book the cook which is available to First and Business Class passengers on selected flights on Singapore Airlines, and am very happy with the quality, taste and quantity of the food on board.

In this entry, I record the lunch on board a recent return trip from Frankfurt on board SQ25 - a 747, quite old tail, I think...the in-flight entertainment system still have the smaller LCD screens, though it worked fine. I did watch The Tourist on board.

Normally the return trip to Singapore will feature satay...I am not sure what is SQ's reason for only serving on the inbound leg, but never on outbound from Singapore, but the satay is certainly very good. Typical serving is one stick of mutton, and two chicken:

The mutton was a little tough...though I would expect it to be as it is mutton and not lamb. And the chicken very tender. The peanut sauce is delicious.

And for some reason, though the champagne listed on the menu was Bollinger, we were treated to Dom Perignon vintage 2002. Excellent vintage.

Starters was a salad of prawns with a vinaigrette sauce.

The prawns were rather large. Sometimes, even on board, I have been served absolutely scrumptious succulent, sweet prawns, but sometimes not so great. This was one of the not so great times. The prawns were a little dull tasting. The salad was ok, and the dressing was very nice.

And for my mains, I had the Thai Fish curry with rice:

I almost always elect the Asian dish, in particular the curries. This is because the curries are more robust in flavour and can stand freezing and reheating. And I am usually rewarded with a delicious meal. This meal was no different. The fish was quite exquisite...done perfectly...I am not sure how the crew managed this with the microwave on board, but it was perfectly done...just shy of medium deep within. Succulent. Tasty. The curry was flavourful. And the stir fried vegetables that accopmpanied were excellent. Very good main course.

With this, I decided just to have a small bowl of ice cream and call it a never really know what time of the day it is when flying...we took off about 1:30pm Frankfurt time, and by the time I finished the meal, it was probably 4pm in FRA, and 10pm in I went to sleep.

On board Singapore Airlines SQ25
Boeing 747, Business Class
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