Thursday, September 16, 2010

Search for Ramen 10: Black Ramen

Black ramen...the concept itself is quite intriguing...ramen, blackened from squid the squid ink pasta from the Italians...interesting. So off I went to try it out. The restaurant is kind of like an extension to the Great World City Food Court.

The logo shows a black bowl, and in bold sketchy italics the words "Black Ramen", and a picture of a Ninja with a pair of chopsticks picking at the R. The decor is quite interesting as well...

So how was the ramen?

Looks interesting. Tempura prawns, black noodles, and half an egg, which seemed very nicely half cooked.

The taste was quite nice as well. The broth was not as thick and intense as the others recently sampled...from Santouka and Ippudo. It proved a bit too watery, though quite tasty.

The noodles itself was rather interesting. The black squid ink can be tasted...lovely me thot, as I do love the light fragrance and the taste of squid ink. And the noodles were done nicely springy and al-dente. The egg was excellent...almost runny, though not quite. The prawn was nice and crunchy, though the batter was not as light as I would have liked. If you note the first picture, a small bowl of garlic crisps accompanies...and for me this does the trick. This made the soup wonderful...and the crunchy bits enhance the flavour of the noodles with each bite.

We also tried the unagi rice.

My advice: stick to the ramen. The unagi was not the had a muddy smell and taste. Not good enough.

We also had a try of the pork tonkatsu, seen at top left in the first ramen pic...also best leave tonkatsu to the experts...which in Singapore means the Tampopo group with their absolutely ravishing kurobuta tonkatsu.

I might return for the kuro-ramen with the superb garlic, but certainly stick to only that.

Black Ramen
1 Kim Seng Promenade
#B1-15 Great World City S237994
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