Monday, September 20, 2010

Restaurant Ten: revisit

I did a first tasting at Restaurant Ten a while ago, and found it to be quite excellent. See here for my initial review.

It was so good, I had to return for a second visit, this time, with Eddy who introduced me to the restaurant, and also with my good friend Prof. Horolographer...with whom I had shared many culinary experiences with.

We tried the $S$48, S$68, and S$88 menus...normally these menus are two to go, but the restaurant manager Dorothy, who attended to our orders, ok-ed for us to sample one each. Nice service.

I won't show all the dishes we sampled, but they were all excellent. Somehow I can get used to this wellness cuisine. Low fat, good quality ingredients, nice wonderful homey feel to the food.

Starter: the House Special Triple Combination

One of the starters was a chilled whole abalone with dang kui and wolfberries:

Smoked Duck with Crispy Seaweed Beancurd (served with buns)

A bit like peking duck, but a steak cut of the duck with skin, fat and meat. On a crispy piece of tofu, and served with sweet black bean sauce on a small steamed bun. Nice.

The tofu dish was interesting:

Crispy tofu, wrapped around mushrooms and golden bamboo...Nice super crisp and light exterior, but a smooth, soft, tender interior.

Their Buddha Jump over the wall interpretation was also interesting:

The broth was thick, smooth, fragrant, and luxurious in the mouth. The savoury, umami sensations as one drinks the soup is superb. The ingredients - a whole fresh small abalone, a whole comb of sharks fin, and fish maw all complete the taste sensation.

And in Michelin style a special be eaten left to right:

Overall, I find this restaurant very interesting for the cuisine it offers. Beautiful ingredients, carefully cooked to bring out true flavours. The entire meal felt light, though we have had quite a bit of food. And perhaps its psycological, we felt truly nourished.

Ten Restaurant
7 Purvis Street
+65 6333 9901
12pm–2.30pm, 6pm–10.30pm

p.s. We went to the restaurant with the full intention of paying for the meal, as I always do...and as we did for the first visit. But when we called for the bill, we were informed by the waitress that the meal was on the house. We asked to speak to Dorothy, the manager, and she confirmed that she has put our bill on the house with her compliments. I am grateful to the management of Restaurant Ten for the meal.
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