Friday, April 23, 2010

Tasty convenience food: Qiji

Sometimes, when we just have to grab some food to fill our tummies, we may not always have the luxury of chosing a nice place with good food, good ambience, good service. Qiji seems to me to be the very kind of place to meet this type of eating...kind of like the 7-11 of cooked food.

But a recent visit, surprised me somewhat with the taste and quality of the food. We dcropped by one morning for a quick breakfast at Funan Center, while shopping for a new laptop (ended up with a Dell XPS Studio 16).

Apparently the store has been around for some time...originating in the Funan Center area, and returning to its roots here. There a few outlets in other shopping malls in Singapore.

They offered several types of nasi lemak...with deep fried chicken wing, breaded fish, etc.

The rice was regular Thai jasmine rice, not the Biryani used by the folks at No 1 Adam Road. But it was rather fragrant, with the sweet smell of coconut milk and a touch of pandan leaf. The chicken was regularly fried...nice. The fish, I found quite nice. Interesting to include a slice of sole in nasi lemak, but deep fried with a crispy batter, the fish works...very well indeed. The chilli sambal was sweeter than it was spicy, but complements the dish well. The deep fried ikan bilis was the larger variety, and was very crisp and easy on the palate. So was the accompaniment of roasted peanuts. We also tried a piece of otak, which struck me as rather average...perhaps a tad above the ones you get at the HDB void deck. But overall I liked it very much.

They also served popiah, which I found to be quite good as well.

Various locations citywide
#01-17 Funan Digital Mall

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Le Marque said...

I happened to have their popiah for the first time last week, and yes I found it surprisingly good! Better than some food courts I must say.