Friday, April 16, 2010

Song Fa Bak Kut Teh

One of my old time favourite clear soup bak kut teh Song Fa, formerly at the Blanco Court coffee shop. Since the removal of Blanco Court, they have now moved the main store to a shophouse just opposite Centrel, but a stall exists at Rochor Center, and now operate as a stall in the KopiTiam.

When Prof Horolographer and I dropped by Gin Studios (photographic suppliers: Sinar, Broncolor and Photoclam), we had lunch at the famous bak kut teh.

We were served clear, peppery soup with huge ribs. I have always preferred the prime ribs to the backbone...what the Hokkiens call leng kut (dragon bone). And these were served with very tender, very flavourful ribs. Lovely!

We also had a small serving of pork leg, which was rather average...

Swathed in a delicious dark sauce, the cut we got was rather fat, with skin intact. Normally the fat can be rendered with long braising, but in this case, a rather thick layer of fat still persists under the skin. The lean meat attached was rather tender and tasty.

Overall, still a nice peperry style bak kut teh.

1 Rochor Road
01-506 Rochor Road Rochor Centre Kopitiam
Singapore, Singapore
Phone : +65 65336128
Opening hours : 0800 - 2300, Off on Monday except Public Holidays


Extreme Power said...

nica man... yum yum. I always drink this after a tough game of badminton.

Joyce Goh said...

This is one of my favorite bak kut teh too! =)

ieat said...

This is the same coffeeshop as the pau right? Looks like I have to try!

Anonymous said...

The soup is laced with MSG. I'll avoid this one if I were you...