Thursday, February 18, 2010

Bergs: are gourmet burgers better?

with Ken, Kennard, Malvyn

A large, juicy burger is a special meal...appealing to inner senses, it fulfulls in many ways. But looking from another point, a large burger like the Double Western Bacon or Portobello Mushroom from Carl's of my favourites, pulls in at 970 calories, of which a whopping 52g is fat(not to mention 1`850 mg of sodium and 15g of sugar). See Carl''s Jr nutritional information page for more info. Add a large coke, and a serving of fries, and it is quite a toll on the recommended daily caloric intake of 2500 calories for the average male.

So when I have to eat burgers sparingly, and only chose the best tasting for the occassional indulgence session. I have been hearing reports that Bergs, tucked in one corner in Far East Square serves one of the best. Aussie style, these are grilled on order, and are very large.

The menu is cheeky, and quite an interesting read. The open kitchen is out for all to view and sample the smells of cooking burgers. Very nice too. The casual, Aussie style is relaxed, unhurried.

And the burgers are HUGE.

The burger above is called the Crikey Too...comprising a huge cut of prime beef fillet, bacon, tomato, lettuce and all the toppings. The beef looked like it was rough cut, perhaps hand chopped and hand made patty, unlike the more homogenous patty served by Carl's Jr, I can easily discern the chopped beef and onions, and the patty was more prone to crumbling than Carl's Jr. I found it to be a bit on the dry side, though the flavour of the beef was very good, with the characteristic smokiness of a char grilled patty. The bun was also dry, but soft. The bacon was very streaky, and was relatively crispy.

Overall, for me, this does not quite make it to be a regular haunt. The burger was too dry, and not tasty enough. I will stick to Carl's Jr for my burger cravings.

Far East Square
137 Amoy St,
#01-01 Far East Square,
Ph: 6438 6505


Le Marque said...

Have you eaten the burger at Sunshine Cafe before? It's defunt now though as it was chased out by its landlord.

Rob said...

Hi Peter.

Thanks for sharing!! Noticed that you took picture of the burger sans fries. Did you opt not to partake in any? Looks interesting enough for a visit soon just for the variety and menu reading alone! :)

P. Chong said...

Le Marque, no unfortunately I did not manage to try...though I live just next door to Sommerville. When I finally went to try, the condo management did not allow us in...saying the cafe was only for residents. Sigh...I did hear it was very good.

BTW, I have also tried several places for burger...including Relish (I did not find it worthy of the lofty status it holds). The other one I liked is the Ieat Superburger at Aston's.

Rob, yes, I did order fries. Like the burger, it too was dry-ish. Not the same level as La Bourse ou la Vie we had in Paris.

Rob said...

Interesting to note that the fries were dryish as well. Wonder if this consistency is applicable for all their burgers/fries thus can be termed as their style or just a fluke serving of both items that you ordered. Hmm.

On a side note, don't think can ever find fries same level as ones we had in Paris. Worth another trip soon!

Thanks again for posting Peter.

Anonymous said...

FYI. Sunshine Cafe reopened over at Blk 10 Ghim Moh Road.