Monday, June 22, 2009

Carl's Jr: tasty fast food at last?

on many occassions

Burgers. Fast food, or gourmet? This is a review of fast food burgers. The candidates? McDonalds is ubiquitious - sometimes a good thing, high quality-in the ISO measuring system...meaning highly consistent, but uniformly awful tasting. Burger King is a bit better, but still quite bland, with low quality ingredients, and only passable taste. We used to have Wendy's and Hardy's but no more. I used to like Hardy's roast beef burger. Nice sandwich. But from the same roots, come Carl's Jr.

When they first hit town, huge...I mean really gigantic pictures of the burgers adorn our double deck busses plying Singapore, with the headline, "Don't lick this bus", Its gonna get messy". Cute, with a sense of humour.

We always end up eating the same thing...the Western Double

This is also outstanding for its tasty BBQ sauce on the same, flame broilled patty, and bacon crisps provide the kick. Shiok.

Wash down with either their home brewed iced lemon tea (none of the other fast food joints serve home brewed ice tea...always the horrid Nestea. KFC used to, but now also resort to the awful tasting Nestea) or Diet Coke...and its lovely.

And the Portobello mushroom is quite outstanding.

I find the patty to be juicy, and quite tasty. The melted cheese is excellent, and the extra crunchiness of the vegetables and tomato slices make the burger even more salivating. The sliced portobello mushroom in an interesting sauce tops the taste. Excellent. Way better than Burger King's. And way better than the low end gourmet stands like Botak Jones (way too dry and paper tasting patty).

Carl's Jr
Marina Square
No. 6, Raffles Boulevard,
#01-202/203 Marina Square,
Singapore 039594
Tel: (65) 6720 2720
and numerous locations islandwide
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