Thursday, August 20, 2009

Bangkok Jam: funky Thai diner in Singapore

with family

We have been eating at this funky little diner in Great World City for a while...every revisit is a pleasure. The food is more Thai than fusion, the service by the resident Filipino waiters and waitresses are excellent - polite, knowledgable, and cheerful.

Tod Man Pla is a staple appetizer in Thailand.

Fish, minced, mixed with flour, chilli, spring onions. Then deep fried and eaten with a spicy, sweet chilli sauce with crushed toasted peanuts and cucumber. The golden brown perfection of the deep fried fish cake is supreme testimony that the chef knows what she is doing...pushing envelope of the cooking, so the outer is a bit crispy, fragrant, and the inside is succulent and tender. Tasty too.

Their Yam som-o is also very good:

The salad, a favourite in Thailand, is made with pomelo, prawns, chilli, and toasted peanuts tossed in a special sweet, sour, spicy dressing. The prawn were cut in small bite sized chunks, and were very fresh. Eaten on its own it is very delicious.

We also sampled their green curry with chicken:

The Thai green curry is classically a sweet curry. And this was no exception. The chicken was very nicely done...just so, and not overcooked as sometimes chicken in curries tend to be. The curry was sweet, thick and rich, and spicy. With some prik nam pla (cut red Thai chilli padi in fermented fish sauce) it was satisfying.

Deep fried chicken wings are also a Thai favourite

Again, the chef demonstrated virtuosity by perfectly judging the done-ness of the chicken wings for flavourful, crispy skin, and succulent, juicy interior. Excellent.

We have grown to love this restaurant for the good food, and funky surroundings (Jazz music, artsy pictures adorning the walls), and the good service. A permanent fixture on our dining agenda.

Bangkok Jam
1 Kim Seng Promenade
#02-26 Great World City
Tel: 6732 4523
Mon-Fri: 12noon - 3pm, 6pm - 10pm
Sat & Sun: 12noon - 10pm
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