Sunday, October 19, 2008

The Pierside, Singapore

While waiting to attend an event at Jing, Dr. Mycroft, Prof. Horolographer, SJX and I went next door and had dinner at The Pierside.

This is an old eatery which have been dishing up great eats to the beautiful people who show up at this trendy, fashionable area. The restaurant has a commanding view of the harbour...ok, this shot was taken about 60m away next to the Merlion...but the restaurant has an equally nice view...

We only had mains, as there was going to be finger food, champagne and single malt whisky at the event courtesy of The Hour Glass and Carl F. Bucherer fact, where we sat, the drinks counter was just a few meters away, and we actually felt like getting our free champagne from there...:-)

We were immediately served very small buns of bread...bite sized...these were hot when we got them...and tasted great.

Mycroft chose the wagyu tatare...he could never resist wagyu or any kind of fully marbled beef. And we were a bit shocked when it arrived...the tatare patty was super small...a mould about 1 inch in diameter and the same height. Hmm, that's not going to work, but a quiet word with the excellent Maitre d settled that, and soon it was replaced with a more sizable portion.

The quail egg, and passion fruit provide a nice visual treat, and must have provided a nice counter taste to the rich wagyu.

He reported it to be quite good. Tasty! he proclaimed. Like me, he liked his tartare quite spicy, and remarked that it could stand with a little more spice. My personal favourite of steak tartare (not wagyu) is in a small restaurant in Paris, where they allow you to mix the spices yourself. Yum.

Young SJX opted for the rack of lamb, and when that arrived it was 2 rib cutlets.

The dish looked gorgeous...the lamb looked beautifully done, with what looked like charcoal charring at the side, and when he cut the meat, looked perfectly pink inside. He seemed to enjoy it.

The Professor had miso cod. The Maitre d recommend it as a hot favourite of the restaurant.

The chef did a good job at the plating. The cod looked exquisite. Horolographer was satisfied with the fish, the fish looked like it was nicely done. It came with new the time I shot the picture, he had already taken a bite of one of the spuds. The fish was perched on top a bed of sweet peas.

I had the pasta. But with a twist. Slices of succulent, juicy Maine lobster was quite generously sprinkled.

This dish, I can was delicious. Excellent balance and sweetness of the lobster made my meal. The tagliatale was nicely done. Flat noodles like tagliatale should be made fresh, and though I did not ask the wait staff, I suspect this one tasted freshly made, and soft rather than chewy. Super.

The service was excellent. Cheerful...both the Maitre d and the waitress was smiling and happy to bring more bread, butter (yea, we did eat a lot of one might expect with Mycroft on the table). The setting of the restaurant was supreme, and the decor bright and cheery. Nice place. Really lovely. Enjoyed it.

Pierside Kitchen & Bar
Unit 01-01 One Fullerton
1 Fullerton Road
Singapore 049214

Photonotes: Shot with the usual 17-40L, but with 580EXII flash - indirectly using the white ceiling as a reflector.

The top shot of the durians of Esplanade was done with HDR. +2EV, 0EV, -2EV, combined using Photomatix HDR and Tone mapping.

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