Sunday, September 14, 2014

Yummy Recipes at Kallang Pudding

The name is direct, in your face. The claim, bold. Does it live up to its name?

This interesting restaurant, looking like the set of a Chinese sword fighting movie, and situated right smack in an industrial estate in an industrial building came with very high recommendations from one of my great foodie friends.

The renovations for the restaurant is claimed to be in the upper six figure range, with antique art and furnishings abound. But this is still a family restaurant, and on a sunday evening when I visited, it was rather full, and abuzz with families dining.

First off, we tried the sio bak...roasted pork belly

Instantly memories of the fabulous roasted pork we had in Hong Kong flooded back. This is one of the best roasted pork we have eaten in a long time. The skin is crisp, light, and wonderfully golden brown and fragrant with a hint of charring. The meat was juicy, without being too fat, and beautifully tender and tasty. Very good roast pork.

Their kailan in two styles was also recommended

On the foreground, a nice, succulent kailan, cooked just right, still with a nice crunch, but cooked and no green flavour. Very nice with a nice dose of garlic. On the background is thinly sliced kailan, deep fried till crisp and tossed with deep fried crispy silverfish. The taste reminded us of sea weed, but this is kailan. Very nice. 

As both Ed and I were big fans of pig's stomach soup, being spoilt by my late mother's wonderful rendition of this soup, had to try Yummy's version. The Yummy's version has an interesting twist. A whole chicken is stuffed into the pig's stomach, and the entire package cooked in a thick-ish savoury soup with fish maw, slices of abalone and other goodies. 

Shown above, the entire stomach with the chicken inside is removed from the pot, sliced at the table. The slices of pig's stomach are placed in the bowls and the chicken left on the plate and served. The chicken is extremely tender while still maintaining quite a bit of the juiciness and chicken flavours while being mixed with overtones of pork flavours. The stomach was also tender but as they tend to go, still retaining the springy, texture. Very nice. 

The soup was marvellous. Thick, almost with a collagen like consistency, bursting with wonderful flavours. Within are bits of pork, Korean ginseng, abalone slices and fish maw. We love the soup very much. The dish can serve 10 with each getting a small bowl, or 4-6 with 2 bowls each. We were 3 that evening, and we had a tough time finishing this, even though we adored it. Must order, especially if you have a larger group.

Very interesting restaurant. We will be back to try the lobster porridge, which we were told by friends that is also benchmark setting. As well as other dishes. Probably a larger group next time, so we can sample more delicacies. Definitely highly recommended.

Yummy Recipes

47 Kallang Pudding Road, #01-08,
Crescent @ Kallang S(349318)
T. +65 6343 1818F. +65 6636 0602

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