Friday, June 20, 2014

Prawn Noodles in Sengkang: Penang Kia

My lunching friends are now crazy over prawn noodles, so I have been going around tasting interesting candidates.

Recently, this little stall in Compassvale made some news when Leslie Tay wrote about it in his facebook page. Immediately the next day, long queues formed. But when I cycled to Compassvale one fine Wednesday morning, at 11:30am, there was no queue. 

They have several kinds of prawn noodles. What they call Penang Prawn Mee is only $3.50, available soup or dry. And the big prawn noodles for $6.50. They also have various combinations with pork rib. I went for the big prawn noodles.

The prawns were cooked on order, so it takes a while...though the cheaper $3.50 dish can be served immediately.

The wait was worth it. The broth is the winner. Thick, savoury, very beautiful flavours. I loved it. Very ince.

The prawns were rather large, and two were presented. They were fresh, had a crunch to the bite, and sweet. Nice. Two slices of lean pork accompanies, just like in Penang. I understand the couple who own the stall were former SQ Cabin Crew, and the wife was from Penang, and her father used to run a Hokkien Mee (as they call Prawn Mee in Penang) stall. When I was there, only the husband was there with a helper.

I found it to be very good. Worth the calories and worth the ride to eat. Its a 45km round trip by bicycle for me. Highly recommended.

Penang Kia
Prawn Noodles

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