Thursday, December 19, 2013

Lam's Speciality Noodle

Lam's Noodle is an old name in the game of noodles. More than 50 years, and going strong.

As I understand it, they introduced the concept of mini wok noodle in 1995, and was the first to bring abalone to coffee shops. In traditional Chinese cuisine, abalone is considered a very high end ingredient, and normally associated with high end, and high priced restaurants.

Lam's still serve this in their coffeeshop outlet in Race Course Road.

For a princely sum of $6, one gets a huge bowl...the contents almost lost within. A small amount of noodles, but done perfectly al dente. And very nice ingredients...a satay stick with bits of abalone, minced pork, a pork ball, a fish ball and a wonderful piquant sauce, with a fairly powerful chilli. The pork ball is particularly interesting...very springy.

I found the noodle dish thouroughly enjoyable. Only the small noodles slightly disappoint, which can be easily righted by ordering a second helping.

They are also famous for their salt baked chicken

A chicken leg, a rather sizable one, is wrapped in a paper jacket and baked in a salt oven. The result, very tender chicken, almost sous vide tender, but with a nice brown crust which is crispy and mildly salty. Very delicious.

Highly recommended. The noodle is superb, as is the salt baked chicken. They do have other dishes, but not tried yet. I also tred the outlet at Marina Square, the noodles seem somewhat different, and for me, less enjoyable.

Lam's@Race Course
460 Race Course Road
6398 1154

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