Thursday, July 4, 2013

Red House Seafood

Red House Seafood is an old establishment in the seafood scene in Singapore. Established in 1976, it is family run, and opened their third outlet in Princep Street in June. I was invited for a tasting, and here is my view of the food.

We began the tasting with a Trio combination of the Chef's Signature squid.

Three different kinds of squid...a baby squid deep fried till crunchy in the background, a large squid, marinated and barbecued, and in the foreground squid with salted egg yolk.

I found the salted egg yolk squid the best. Absolutely fragrant, very nicely done. The crispy baby squid passed the mark, but was unremarkable. The barbecued squid was surprisingly I had expected the size of the squid may prehaps caused it to be a bit tougher.

Next up Tiger Prawns with Signature Creamy Custard Sauce

Very nice. The prawns were large, succulent. Very fresh. The creamy sauce was beautiful. Slightly sweet, very rich. Excellent dish.

Then, what was for me the piece de resistance, the Spicy Seafood combination

Magnificent, magnificent sauce. A bit reminiscent of some of the dry yellow curries I have eaten in Bangkok...a rich coconut cream laden luxurious mouthfeel, lifted by the bite of the chilli, and the wonderful aroma of the sauce. The seafood provided the base to build the dish...very fresh fish, scallops, prawns, squid. Really superb and a must try dish. Eaten with either steamed or fried mantou...or of course, steamed rice.

Next Sambal Kang Kong

Good too...but more regular tasting rather than out of this world good like the Spicy Seafood Combination. The kangkong was young, lightly stir fried...still crunchy, and the sambal was rather fragrant. The other journalists on my table remarked that they loved the dish, and why Americans don't really like to eat vegetables is because it is always so bland in the US...steamed, poached, grilled.

We next had a huge crab - the Red House Special Chilli Stewed Crab

This was really good too. Unlike many other chilli crabs in town, the sauce is thick, rich, and also perhaps more tomato based...I can catch the whiff of the tomato fragrance when the dish was put on the table. The crab, being of course fresh, but the chef had good control of the wok, and the crab was perfectly cooked. Marvellous.

We also had black pepper crab

A somewhat smaller crab, but still as perfectly cooked. The sauce was a bit heavy for me, but it was very tasty.

And the Red House Mee Goreng

Very good. Reminded of the mee goreng served at the small hut by Punggol End. The noodles were very well cooked, good blend of spices. Very nice.

Thanks to Cheryl Ho and Amanda Tan at ATE Consulting for the invitation and to Red House for hosting.

Red House Seafood
68 Prinsep Street
Mon to Fri 11:30am-2:30pm; 5pm-11pm
Sat, Sun, PH 11am-3pm; 5pm-11pm

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