Thursday, June 6, 2013

Fei Fei Wantan mee...traditional local fare.

Fei Fei Wantan mee has been in business for a long time...They have a turbulent past, with some dramas to be told, but today I write only about their noodles.

The noodles are supposedly hand made...with a traditional bamboo stick used to compress the noodles before feeding into a noodle machine to churn out the mee. The texture, when cooked is rather nice...a bit chewy, and done al dente. The sauce is a fragrant chicken stock, and is quite good.

The ingredients...some nicely done wantan...thin skin, nice meat within, with a few slices of lean char siew lay at the bottom. Mix it all up with the fragrant but not really hot chilli...go ahead, mix in lots of it, and the beginings of a good bowl of very traditional local wantan mee surfaces.

For me, this is the quintessential local styled wantan mee. I have grown to love this style and I love it as much as the traditional KL style dark sauce wantan mee, and the Hong Kong style wiry noodle wantan mee. All wonderful...variety makes the world interesting.

Fei Fei Wantan Mee
62 Joo Chiat Place
Sin Wah Coffeeshop

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