Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Of wanton mee and guotie

Some of my friends are crazy about wanton mee. I like WTM as much as the next man, but am not as crazy about it as say Hokkien Prawn Mee or Char Kway Teow. But WTM floats the boat for many, and today, I feature one which is favourite for those of us who hang around the Peninsula/Funan/Excelsior triangle.

The food is simple enough, noodles, a bit of char siew, some wantons. A killer sauce is essential, as the cook's judging of the cooking time...too long, the noodles become soft and floppy...not long enough, and it tastes of kee, and sometimes too firm. Just right, and it is almost heavenly. Springy noodles, with good bite.

The chilli had a rather nice bite. The wantan, swimming in a small bowl of savoury soup is tender, soft, and very tasty. Nice WTM.

A couple of stalls down, a handmade noodle stall offers guotie...not exactly the one sided pot stickers one typically gets, but this is beautifully browned all around

Nice, crispy skin, good flavour. Bite into it, and the hot soup squirts into one's mouth eliciting a beautiful taste and flavour, in combination with the minced meat within...very nice.

Worth a check out, but the queues on the WTM stall is rather long at meal times.

Food Court at Excelsior Shopping Center

Wantan Mee stall and Handmade noodle stall for guotie

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