Thursday, March 24, 2011

Singapore Food Trail at the Flyer

I recently dropped by the Singapore Flyer for a visit to the much touted food court...called Singapore Food Trail, it is yet another food court where the operator claims to bring only the very best of each variety.

Indeed the decor on the place is excellent. Looks like we just stepped into Bugis Street in the 1970s...even the floor was not spared, and dressed up to look like the road, complete with street markings.

A cursory walkaround revealed that the organizers are probably quite good to have collected this group of hawkers. Indeed many of them represented the best of breed. The Adam Road No 2 Nasi Lemak was there. The Old Airport Road Satay Beehoon was in residence. As was many other famous hawkers.

But a look at the prices might frighten one away. The Full House nasi lemak meal in Adam Road costs S$5, and what was also called Full House, I am not sure if portion sizes are different or if additional premium ingredients are used in the Flyer version, but it costs a whopping $7.50.

I ordered some hand made popiah at this stall:

At $2 per roll, and $4 for this plate, rather expensive:

I must say the popiah was rather tasty. It remained dry, and the skin did not tear at any point...which goes to say the maker is rather skilled. The mix of ingredients - the usual radish, eggs, deep fried shallots, diced prawns were nicely done.

I also tried the "famous" Old Airport Road Satay Beehoon:

At $4 a pop, again rather pricey:

But I must say the pinch of paying $4 for the dish vapourised on tasting. This is very good satay beehoon. The sauce was rich, smothering. Excellent flavours, good fragrance, and a great mouthfeel. The bee hoon was done just right, al dente, and provided some bite the richness of the sauce. The sauce also contained some nice ingredients - prawns, squid and slices of lean pork. I enjoyed this dish.

Overall, I think the food court is rather touristy, than gourmet. Though some of the better hawkers are present dishing out their best. The food was rather good, and I would highly recommend a tourist to drop by and have a taste of Singapore in one fell swoop. But for me, I would rather pay less and travel to the origins of these stalls and sample them at source.

Singapore Food Trail
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