Monday, February 28, 2011

Duck Noodles at Beo Crescent

This is an on again, off again favourite of mine. The duck noodles has beguilled me for the last 10 years of eating here...but yet, as the Chinese say...they have their winds. Sometimes, like yesterday, it was superb. Yet, at other times, it is lack lustre.

But when it is right, it really hits home run.

I always order the duck noodles, dry with extra chilli. Kin has the same, but no chilli. The soup, which many stalls consider as an extra and pay little attention to gets good marks for the fragrant herbal smell and taste. I usualy drink up the small bowl.

The noodles are bathed in a thick, almost dark brown sauce, which is superb. The fragrance leaps out and attacks the nostrils. With each mouthful, the feel within is rich, almost creamy. The beautiful fragrance of the fried shallots and onions intermingle with the sauce's richness. The yellow noodles are totally covered, and because of the viscousity of the sauce, sticks to the noodles, rendering them too with the rich, fragrance. The duck, sometimes is fat, but today, it is lean, the meat done perfectly - just a bit shy of medium. The meat, with the characteristic consistency of a well braised duck, with just a tiny sliver of fat under the skin to add oomph. Too fat a duck, it all falls down in one messy greasy flop. But just right, it lifts the meat, which in this case is a bit dry-ish with a slightest hint of a powdery texture.

The chilli packs a punch too. They do two types. One rich, thick chilli added to the noodles, and the same, but with a little lime squeezed into it in a small saucer for dipping the duck. The lime helps cut the fat of the duck.

Superb when it is. But at other times, they are just ordinary...almost tasteless sauce. Little fragrance. I wonder about the stall's consistency.

Also at the same shop is the famous Meng Kee Char Kway Teow, which I will not review today. And the power ice lemon tea.

Freshly brewed...well, brewed in rather large batches, but brewed in-situ nonetheless. Fresh slices of lemon added. Sugared to taste. Very refreshing and a good cuppa.

Duck Noodles and Rice stall
Wei Xuan Eating House
Blk 22 Beo Crescent
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