Monday, June 28, 2010

Swedish cafe: Fika...

For some reason, Swedish food is rather popular in Singapore. The Swedish furnishing giant Ikea runs a roaring business with their restaurant serving up literally tons of Meatballs, Salmon and dessert. I too have eaten several times at their huge Alexandra store, though found their meatballs to be too salty, the salmon a bit frozen tasting.

Kennard, one of my makan kakis suggested we saunter over to Fika after a bak kut teh meal at Bliss Cafe...and we did...Fika as the restaurant was known...according to the restaurant's own website, the word fika in Swedish means taking a break from work...what a wonderful word.

We only had dessert and coffee...and amongst the 6 of us, we shared 3 portions.

First the Swedish Pancakes, thin swedish pancakes sprinkled with icing sugar served with whipped cream and jam.

I found the pancake rather hard...and firm consistency...a bit like just slapping regular flour mixed with some water and egg, and frying it on a griddle. They were like very hard crepe. As you can guess, I didn't like them very much. I am not sure what ice cream they use, but the vanilla served with the pancakes were superb...nice, rich, milky, thick.

We also had Brownies with Ice-cream

The brownie is a dense warm rich brownie, also served with a rather generous scoop of the excellent vanilla ice-cream. The brownie lived up to its name...very nice rich chocholate, with some nuts embedded...moist inside...goes supremely well with eh excellent ice-cream. Satisfying.

And the Apple Crumble with Ice-cream -

The warm apple crumble was also excellent. The shortbread crust was crumbly, and not too sweet, and provided a nice textural counterpoint to the soft, sweet but acidic and slightly sour apple insides. Again perfect with the delicious vanilla ice-cream.

Interesting desserts, had us satiated.

Fika Cafe
No. 257 Beach Road / Arab Street, Singapore
(on the corner of Beach Road and Arab Street)
Mon-Fri 11am-11pm
Sat-Sun 12am-11pm

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