Thursday, March 18, 2010

Vancouver eats: Gotham

with Ray and SY

Gotham? Batman is that you? The interestingly named steakhouse and bar right downtown Vancouver...and I was told the place to be to spot movie stars and rock singers....the restaurant was as dark as any I have been to in recent history (Bedrock in Pan Pacific Suites back in Singapore is one)...very is a bit of a challenge...I opted to let the ambient warm lighting show through the pictures.

The interior was beautifully decorated...nice art deco style paintings, wall of wine bottles, open kitchen. Nice. The waiter we had was very nice too...knows his stuff, polite, attentive. He recommended the oysters...small, but plump, fresh, rich tasting...says he.

Indeed they turned out as he described. Very nice...a bit small, but the oysters had a richness which manages to avoid being coy, but full and enveloping on the palate. Nice.

We also tried the crab cakes...

Which were also superb. Huge chunks of fresh crabs were patted together into a patty, and expertly fried till golden brown. The outer crust was crispy...and the insides succulent, fresh sweet. Excellent.

As we were having red meat...I had the 25 oz Potterhouse, Ray had the 14 oz Prime Rib and SY had a cut of pork. We sampled a British Columbia native pinot noir:

The pinot noir was described to us as similar to Burgundy, but to my taste buds, the wine had a bit too much bite...the tannins were not soft, but a bit too aggressive. On the nose, the floral bouquets were quite wonderful...and on the palate, hints of blackberry and spice were nice. Overall, drinkable, but I think a few years of cellaring would tame the tannins a bit more.

My steak...a huge, American style, 30 day dry aged Potterhouse:

As usual, I asked for it to be Chicago Medium...order was acknowledged, and when the steak was delivered...Ray commented that it looked well done...I said, "its supposed to be like that from the outside...if its medium inside, its perfect".

Indeed it was. The steak was excellent. I would have preferred a bit more marbling, but it was fine. The ribeye side, in particular was superb. Tender, beefy, almost melt in your mouth.

A very nice upmarket steakhouse...beautiful decor, nice service. Good food.

Gothham Steakhouse and Cocktail Bar
615 Seymour Street
Vancouver BC, V6B 3K3

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Rob said...

Glad to hear of your Canada exploits. That steak does seem nice!

Kindly enlighten me... Is Chicago Medium a tad difficult to serve by restaurants, requiring a special style/kitchen equiptment not easily achieved by run of the mill cooks? I get the feeling that it usually is a hit or miss when ordering it this style?

Thanks for posting. Great to have you back!!! :)

P. Chong said...

Chicago medium should not be difficult....char the outside with charcoal fire, and control so that the insides are not overcooked.

Heston Blumenthal, chef and owner of 3 star Michelin The Fat Duck, does this by blowtorch broil, sous vide at 55C, and then sear on very hot pan.

Try Mamou's in Fort Bonaficio. Malou makes a mean steak.