Monday, January 25, 2010

Feasting in Penang: more HKM: Hot Wok

with family

Followup on the HKM reviews, this is another one...just off before reaching Penang Plaza in Burma Road, is a curious peranakan restaurant called Hot Wok. Other than peranakan food, which I did not try, it also serves HKM out of a stall just on the five foot way of the shop.

Interesting! My sister highly recommended it.

The soup was quite tasty, but I doubt pork skin was traces were found in the residue of the remainder soup when we finished drinking (yes, I always finish drinking the HKM soup). The noodles were characteristically soft and flaccid. But you can order extra ingredients like larger prawns. The environment is, of course, much nicer than a coffee shop...air conditioned comfort, nice tables. The HKM is good, though in terms of taste, fragrance I would put it a notch or two below Super...which is saying a lot. Plus no wait (almost), and pleasant environment. Good place to sample what Penang has to offer for HKM.

But in addition to the HKM, you can order a plate of roast pork to go with it. Incredibly, it tasted very good together. The pork was flavourful, had a crunchy, crispy skin, and goes very well with the HKM...perhaps the pork bone used in the soup was the unifying factor.

Hot Wok
124-E & F Jalan Burma,
(beside the Giant Supermarket in Penang Plaza & diagonally opposite the BMW car showroom)
10050 Penang, Malaysia.
Telephone: (604) 227 3368 Facsimile: (604) 229 8268
(Daily except Tuesdays)

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