Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Blessed Christmas, my friends. And may 2010 bring good health, great prosperity and wealth

Christmas is a time to reflect on the birth of the Christ child. How God, in His immeasurable love for us, sent his son to save us.

In Dresden, Germany, this tradition is celebrated with a bread known as the stollen. It is a sweet bread, encrusted with a topping of icing sugar, and filled with candied fruits. This bread is similar to the Italian panettone.

I received this package from Dresden, from our friends at A. Lange & Söhne. Opening the box reveals the stollen, wrapped in paper to preserve the freshness.

Much like a fruitcake, but with no butter and eggs, and bread-like the stollen is quite delicious, slightly moist, toough much drier than a fruit cake inside. The flavours are mosly similar. The bite of the bread complements and shows off the candied fruit and nuts within.

Have a Blessed Christmas, and look out for posts on Penang food as I travel back to Penang where I grew up, next week.
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