Friday, October 9, 2009

Steaks: Hong Kong - Jimmy's Kitchen again

with Julian

Regular readers of this blog know how I savour every opportunity to eat a good steak...and this stands repeating...a prime cut of Angus, suitably dry aged, done Chicago medium rare...with charring on the outsides, cool pink insides. Gets me everytime.

Especially since my last visit to Jimmy's was quite favourable. See here for review.

I trotted down with my friend Julian to Jimmy's..

Julian ordered the USDA Prime Angus Dry Aged Ribeye.

The cut of beef that was served did not look like the typical ribeye...but a steak cut resembling a sirloin. But indeed it was ribeye...I imagine that the cow must have been quite large.

I had asked for both steaks to be done Chicago medium rare...charred outside, and medium rare inside. The ribeye looked a bit slightly over cooked for our specification. Julian thought it to be very good.

I had the USDA Prime Angus Dry Aged Striploin.

Unlike those from Astons, there were no grill marks...and it looked like the steak has been cooked on an open grill. The markings remind me of the steak I grilled in wahcow's a few months ago.

My striploin was done to near perfection...the insides were wonderfully pink, though I would have preferred a bit more charring on the outside...more in line with Peter Lugers or Mamou's.

But the steak tasted very good. The flavour of the ageing - intensity of the beef, fullness of the foie gras flavour was more intense than Aston's. But perhaps the lesser amounts of charring which brings out these flavours, making them even more intense, causes this steak to lose out ultimately to Mamou's. But they are quite close. Again Mamou's is a ribeye on the bone...a more flavourful cut, more marbled.

So overall, one of the best I have eaten in Hong Kong...rivalling Ruth Cris' at Lippo Centre, and definitely better than the horrendously expensive Morton's at Sheraton TST. And bests my most favourable steak experience back home in Singapore.

Here is a review by Jason, a Hong Kong local of the the main branch in Central.

Jimmy's Kitchen
Kowloon Centre,
20 Ashley Road, TST
Tel: 2376-0327

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