Monday, July 27, 2009

Soon Soon Huat: innovative pork chops

recommended by Kennard...lunch with Kennard, Ken, Dean

Henderson Road...block 94...sits in mature HDB estate, complete with leafy trees, a large car park, a small park right next door...perfect neighbourhood place. But at one corner of a coffeeshop marked "The Old Place", we find a cze char with a different signboard - "Soon Soon Huat Restaurant - branch" Hokkien meaning smooth prosperity...the main restaurant is somewhere in Bedok.

A search on the usual blogsites and hungrygowhere came up with nothing. The only article on block 94, was Leslie's 1A Curry Puff article.

We tried 4 dishes, and I would highly recommend the butter pork chops

As it was served, it didn't look anything like the butter pork ribs from Two Chefs. But more like Siang Hee's pumpkin prawns.

Smothered in a buttery sauce, and garnished with curry leaves, the pork chops were very tender although it showed a remarkable lack of fat. The slices of pork chops were fried till browned and slightly crisp on the outside, while the insides remained medium doneness.

The sauce provided a rich, smooth base to allow the pork a platform to fully develop in fragrance, flavour and taste. There was no porky smell, but just meltingly good tender pork. Very nice. Unique dish and highly recommended. If I were to make a small change to this dish, would be to add more slices of powerful chilli padi for added punch.

The other dishes were also very good. The sambal kangkong was a good example of how this dish should be done.

I might have preferred a bit more spicy, but the balance of salt was great. The kankong was also young, tender.

Their black bean sauce fish slices were also excellent.

Slices of song fish, complete with skin (I love the springy texture of the skin), stir fried with condiments, spring onions and a thick black bean sauce. The fish was fresh, clean and tasty. The sauce was excellent.

Their House tofu was also very good.

Homemade tofu is deep fried to a crisp exterior. Zi Yean does an examplary version of this dish, and sets the benchmark. Soon Soon Huat's version is very good, but not at the same level. Eaten with the sambal belachan, it was very nice.

Overall, a very nice cze char find. Relaxed environment, easy of parking. I will definitely come back to sample other dishes...the menu is rather extensive.

Soon Soon Huat Restaurant
94 Henderson Road
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