Friday, November 7, 2008

Search for Ramen: Part 4 Baikohken, Singapore

with former colleagues

Baikohken has received its share of many blogger's adorations...including the netizens at the ieat forum, the hardwarezone thread on ramen, and other discussion sites. I thought it would be good to drop by and try.

Hailing from Asahikawa - same city as the Santouka folks, the shorter, curly ramen is designed specifically to absorb more of the pork bone and seafood soup. The ramen, methinks, looked rather like maggie mee...

Pat and I had the shio chasu ramen. This was a large order of chasu on their shio based ramen soup. We all added an extra egg.

The shio ramen was served in a huge bowl...filled almost to the brim with a milky soup. Large slices of chasu, spring onions . The soup was a little too salty for my friends'delicate tastebuds. The chasu was very almost melted as you put it into your mouth, but some slices were very salty as well. The egg was mild in flavour, but perfectly cooked...hard boiled, but slight runny yolk.

AC had the shoyu chasu ramen.

The soup had a distinct shoyu colour. I did not sample the dish, so can only leave you to imagine.

We also had gyoza.

The skin was white on one side, and very beautifully seared golden brown on the other. The skin was a bit chewy, but the pork stuffing inside was very tasty.

Overall, this ramen store does not unseat my favourites at Tom Ton and Santouka. I rate it below Menya Shinchan or Ken's Noodles.

7 North Canal Road
Singapore 048820
Tel: +65 6534-3808

Operating Hours:

Lunch : 11.00 am - 3.00 pm
Dinner : 5.00 pm - 10.00 pm

Photo notes: The photographs were taken with the Nokia N95. The phone, as ubiquitous device, is a perfect tool for blogging pictures, if it would produce sufficiently nice pictures. My Blackberry bold is woefully poor at photography, even though it sports a 2 MP camera. The Nokia was much better, as you can plainly see from this post.

But of course, the quality of the picture is telling. This 5 MP camera produced photographs which are flat, with no suggestions of 3D...this is to be expected as the sensor size is very small, rendering an ability to do a very deep depth of field. It also lacked when compared to other cameras especially the dynamic range and the tonal range. But I think the pictures are quite usable for blogging. We sat at the five foot way tables at the restaurant, there was an awning and sufficient light provided reasonable fast shutter speeds. Under these conditions, the camera's auto white balance was pretty accurate.
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